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Let Shore IT Protect you

Are you fully protected while working from home?

Now that the need for remote access to your office or another location to get your files is now the norm, Shore I.T. Solutions can indeed help you to access your data, move your data to the cloud and we can also assist in protecting and securing your data. We use industry leading Advanced Threat Protection, MDM, Remote Access software and more to deliver a secure solution. 

Network and Email Security

  • ShoreITUPFirewall – We have a managed Firewall appliance. It is a very small device that sits in front of your network and it scans everything coming in and out. Web Filtering, Gateway AV, Malware protection all included.
  • Network Monitoring – We will also monitor the security of your network and make sure all your servers, firewalls, switches, workstations are all up to date and secure. 
  • MFA/Advanced Threat Protection – With Office365  we roll out Duo Multifactor Authentication for that extra layer of authentication. We also roll out Office 365 ATP/Windows Defender ATP, O365 ATP will scan any links, documents and attachments to see if these are safe. We also will implement anti-spoofing and anti-phishing as well.

Secure Remote Access

  • Remote User Access – With all our managed plans we will roll out Device Access, where you can have your user base securely and remotely access their desktops. This will be included for the foreseeable future, and as the time permits this will be converted to a bolt-on service. 
  • Remote User Access – This can also be purchased as a stand alone service. For the foreseeable future the amount is $6.50 a month per device. 
  • ShoreITVPN –  We use a cloud hosted vpn that can give you site to site vpn or a client vpn to get you access to your site.


Migration Support

  • Migration to Microsoft 365 – We will plan and outline all needed resources for you.  We can migrate the same day if needed. We have many tools available to ensure a speedy and seamless migration. 

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