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New Offering – Security In a Box

We are excited to be offering our line of Security Appliances. These are either based, Small footprint hardware, or configured as a Virtual Machine for VMWare or Hyper-V. 

ShoreItUpFirewall – This is a next generation firewall that sits on a small appliance. This runs a modified version of opensense, and includes advanced reporting and IDS/IPS. This is a fully managed service. 

ShoreItUpDNS – This is a fully managed secure DNS. Instead of doing web and IPS/IDS at the Firewall level, we can do this at the DNS level. This is deployed either via cloud or via a small appliance on your network. 

ShoreItUpPenTest –  This is either done remotely, or through a small appliance on your network. Then the results will be sent back to us and then we can resolve as needed. 

If you are interested in a demo or to purchase please either email us at sales@shoreit.tech or call us at 609.300.2316. 

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